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The Olympic Games – Hurdles for employers

Whilst most of the country is excited about the forthcoming Olympic Games (‘the Games’) and hope that it will give the economy a much needed boost, employers need to be clear about how they will deal with the potential absence issues raised by such a significant sporting event. ACAS have recently provided guidance on just this point.

It is likely that many workers will either seek to request time off work to attend an event they have bought a ticket for, want to watch a particular event on television which occurs during office hours, or some may even wish to attend as a Game Maker volunteer.

Employers will need to think carefully about how to deal with such requests. It is sensible that employers seek to put in place a clear policy or guide that deals with requests made for time off work during the Games. For more information and a link to ACAS guidance on how to deal with requests, click here.

The matters employers will need to consider include:

– Flexible working requests;
– Annual leave to attend or watch events
– Requesting leave (whether paid or unpaid) to attend/watch particular events or to volunteer as a Game Maker volunteer.

For instance, there may be more than one employee within a business or department who requests the same period of annual leave, for example because they have a ticket to a sporting event. It is sensible that in order to tackle any issues that may arise from such a situation, the employer has implemented a policy to avoid it having an adverse impact on you or your employees.


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