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“I’m an employer…get me out of here” – Mock Employment Tribunal Event

For many employers the prospect of receiving an Employment Tribunal claim, whilst not quite as scary as the challenges faced by the celebrities in the jungle, can be daunting.  So just what do you do if you receive a Tribunal claim?

The Employment Tribunal system has a jargon of its own and you may be faced with new terms like ET1, CMD, PHR and Schedule of Loss.  Employers will also have many questions about the claim they face:

• Am I likely to win?
• What happens if I lose?
• Can I recover legal costs?
• What happens on the day at Tribunal?
• How do I best prepare my case?
• Is there a way out of this?

Collingwood Legal is teaming up with employment advisory and conciliation service, ACAS, to run an interactive mock Employment Tribunal event on 27 June to answer these questions and others to help those faced with the challenge of a Tribunal claim.

The purpose of the event is to help employers understand the way the Tribunal system works in order that they can be better informed to decide how to deal with a case.  It will also help delegates become familiar with Tribunal language and the deadlines and time tables set when running the claim.  Guided by experts from both Collingwood Legal and ACAS the event will run through Tribunal procedures and practice and offer tips on preparing and presenting your best case.  The full day event promises to be an informative, enjoyable, myth busting and interactive day for delegates.  It also offers the opportunity of a safe environment in which to understand how a Tribunal works and watch a mock Tribunal take place and understand how decisions are reached.

The event will focus on the practical and will be suitable for a wide range of people including HR managers, line managers and business owners.

Collingwood Legal is a relationship based law firm which specialises in Employment Law and works with a number of well-known public and private sector organisations across and outside the North East.

For further details about the ACAS and Collingwood Legal mock Employment Tribunal event and for details of booking arrangements please click on the link to ACAS’ website below:



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