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Proposals to introduce Shared Grandparental Leave

Following the introduction of the Shared Parental Leave Scheme in April this year, the Conservatives’ have announced plans to expand the scope of the scheme to cover grandparents by 2018.

In his announcement, the Chancellor referred to research which suggests that almost 2 million grandparents have left work, reduced their hours or taken time off to care for a grandchild as they take on an increasingly key role in a child’s upbringing.

Under the proposals parents will be able to share up to 50 weeks of statutory leave and 37 weeks of statutory pay with one grandparent, provided that the grandparent is working.

The scheme aims to help working parents manage their leave in the first year after birth or adoption and to return to work sooner if they want to by sharing their leave entitlement. In particular, the recent proposals are likely to benefit single parent families who cannot opt to share leave with the other parent at present but will be able to do so with one of the child’s grandparents.

The government’s announcement can be accessed here.

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