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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

When planning the work Christmas party, it is important that employees are aware that their actions at this event should be in line with the behaviour that is expected of them throughout the rest of the year. Employee actions at work parties are still sufficiently connected with their employment, meaning that employers can still take disciplinary action against them. The following guidance will ensure that you are, as the employer prepared for the Christmas party, and all HR issues that can arise following it:

  • Employers should ensure that their disciplinary policies are wide enough to cover conduct which takes place outside of work time and this should be communicated to staff.
  • Remind employees that any work Christmas party is considered an extension of the workplace and they are expected to act accordingly; the same expectations of behaviour and appearance will apply. Any breaches will be dealt with under the appropriate policy or procedure.
  • Emphasise the risk of reputational damage or grievances associated with staff use of personal social media – caution should be exercised in posting photographs and updates to these public sites.
  • Employers should be aware that their duty of care to their staff extends outside of the workplace. For example, employers should remind staff not to drive if they know that they have consumed alcohol.
  • Apply all your company policies and procedures appropriately and consistently in the aftermath. This could range from disciplining an employee who allegedly harassed a colleague at the party, to dealing with associated absenteeism the following day.

However, Christmas parties are a fantastic way to reward hardworking staff, boost morale, allowing colleagues to socialise and get to know one another outside of a working environment.  So above all, make sure you have fun!

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