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Gender Pay Gap Reports Published

The deadline for private companies with 250 or more employees to publish their gender pay gap (GPG) figures was 4 April 2018.

Over 10,000 companies published their GPG data on or before the 4 April deadline.

Broadly, the results indicate that 78% of these companies pay men more than women. The finance sector appears to have the largest reported GPG with the average woman in this sector earning 35.6% less than the average man. The transport and storage sector and accommodation and food services reported the smallest GPG which is thought to be down to a large proportion of staff being paid the national minimum wage. Overall, only 8% of companies reported no GPG between men and women.

Of those companies that published GPG data, the national median pay gap was reported at 9.7%.

The Equalities and Human Rights Commission has stated that over 1,500 companies did not publish their GPG data by the deadline. Those companies will be contacted to remind them of their legal obligations to publish GPG data and could face legal action if they fail to do so.

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