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Are you on a low tax diet?

Is a leader of a Weight Watchers group an ‘employee’ for tax purposes? The legal status of an individual who provides work for another is often not as clear cut …

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The Olympic Games – Hurdles for employers

Whilst most of the country is excited about the forthcoming Olympic Games (‘the Games’) and hope that it will give the economy a much needed boost, employers need to be …

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FREE Employment Law Event – 29th February 2012

DEALING WITH MISCONDUCT – Ten Common Traps…and how to avoid tripping up! Collingwood Legal is teaming up with Eliesha Training to present a FREE Breakfast Seminar on Dealing with Misconduct. …

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Holiday pay and Sickness

All workers have the right to 5.6 weeks paid holiday in each leave year. This statutory right cannot be replaced by a payment in lieu except on termination of employment. …

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Employment Law Reforms

George Osborne has very recently announced changes to rules on unfair dismissal and the tribunal system with the aim of reducing the number of employees bringing claims. The qualifying period …

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