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Data protection update – EU decides UK data standards are provisionally adequate

Senior Associate, Alexandra Besnard The European Commission has now published two draft decisions on the “adequacy” of the UK’s data protection standards post-Brexit, which provisionally confirm that the UK’s data …

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Supreme Court: Uber decision

Paralegal, Craig Harvey On Friday 19th February 2021 the Supreme Court handed down the decision in the case of Uber BV v Aslam. A highly anticipated case for those interested in …

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Employers beware of ‘stale’ equality and diversity training!

Partner, Paul Johnstone The Employment Appeal Tribunal (“EAT”) in the case of Ally (UK) Ltd v Gehlen has considered whether an employer could rely upon the ‘reasonable steps’ defence to …

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Collingwood Legal Webinars: Essential Managers Skills Training

Following the success of our Essential Managers Skills Training masterclass delivered last year, Collingwood Legal is offering organisations the opportunity of attending this interactive session in 2021, albeit virtually this …

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Can an employer force an employee to get a coronavirus vaccine?

Principal Solicitor, Paul McGowan As we enter 2021, the vaccination efforts against COVID-19 are looking promising, with the UK having approved three vaccines at the time of writing (the Pfizer, …

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